the three most important things you can do to support women-led businesses

the three most important things you can do to support women-led businesses

As an organization, Pure Haven is dedicated to sharing our mission and non toxic products with as many people as possible, to help them protect their families from the harmful ingredients found in so many traditional products sold on store shelves. Pure Haven is a woman-led business, with CEO Miranda Inglis at the helm, and many of our independent Consultants are also women, so we’re also committed to supporting women in building thriving businesses that do good in this world, allow greater work-life balance, and provide a generous income.

Wondering how you can support these and other women-led businesses? Here are the three most important things you can do:

  1. Frequent their businesses. For a Pure Haven Consultant, this means shopping their online storefront or calling in an order
  2. Spread the word. The best ways to spread the word about your local Pure Haven Consultant’s business are to HOST or POST — host a Gathering of friends and family to learn more about our mission and our products or post on social media about your favorite products, your experience with your Consultant, or how much fun you had at a Gathering.
  3. Ask how you can contribute to their success. Most Pure Haven Consultants will tell you there are four ways to do this: place orders, host Gatherings, join their team, and refer others.

By championing these businesses, you help make sure that female entrepreneurs continue to thrive. Their success will inspire more women to take the leap into entrepreneurship as well, spreading awareness of a cause close to their hearts, becoming their own bosses, and providing for their families.

Talk to your Pure Haven Consultant about her business and how you can support it today!