summer survival guide: safe solutions for common catastrophes

There’s nothing like summertime for fun and games … until catastrophe strikes.

Be prepared with preventative and post-injury products to address these common summertime catastrophes:

  • Sunburns: A fun day in the sun can be easily ruined with a sunburn. To prevent sunburn, avoid being out when the sun’s rays are the strongest (generally 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.) and, when you are out in the sun, wear protective clothing and apply mineral sunscreen to all exposed skin. At the end of the day, apply non toxic products to rehydrate and soothe sun-stressed skin and tone down redness.
  • Bug bites: Mosquitoes, bees, ticks, and other pesky insects are nearly inescapable during the summer months. Keep them at bay when outdoors by wearing protective clothing and bug repellent. When bugs do bite or sting, apply safe, non toxic skin soothers.
  • Playground injuries: Time at the playground is a perfect boredom buster. Be sure playground equipment is in good condition before allowing children to use it and never let them play on it unsupervised. Have first aid supplies on hand for if and when cuts and scrapes happen.
  • Bike accidents: Hit a bump and lose your balance or swerve around unexpected obstacles and you could find yourself on the ground. To help minimize injury, always wear a helmet and be ultra-aware of your surroundings. Keep a few simple first aid supplies on hand for when injuries do happen.

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