Summer Mornings

Enjoy Summer Mornings by guest blogger Char Schuster Knox

I’m a morning person, but you don’t have to be an early riser this Summer to enjoy all the morning has to offer.  You can turn any morning into one of the most relaxing and energizing parts of your day.

I like to think of each new morning as a new year – a new life.  If you modify a few things about your warm Summer morning, it can change the way you see your whole day.

Step outside first thing.  In many ways getting ways getting outdoors in the morning provides the best way to get your mind and body in sync with the day.  Stand in the morning light and fill up your lungs with the morning air.  Get connected early with the world.

Sit for a few minutes outside or inside somewhere by the light.  Inhale a little peppermint essential oil to boost your mood.

Savor something.  Whether you like a big breakfast omelet or prefer toast and tea, mindfully eating food you enjoy will definitely help your day.  Stock up on your favorite breakfast food. Remember, breakfast is your most important meal of the day.

Wash your face and then take a wash cloth and put two drops of sweet orange essential oil on the cloth, run it under very warm water and apply to face.  It’s a great way to help focus the mind on the day’s priorities.

Find what works for you to enjoy summer mornings whether you live alone or with six kids, a partner and a dog.  By taking time for yourself you stimulate your senses and alert body and mind, so you’re prepared for the day ahead.

For more ways to relax, read Char’s book, “Relaxation Rocks” available on Amazon.