pure presents: guilt-free giving for a non toxic holiday

As an eco-conscious consumer, it’s difficult to buy a slew of holiday gifts knowing that they could contribute to the climate crisis, one day ending up in a landfill or releasing toxic chemicals into your loved ones’ homes and the environment. It can also be frustrating to be presented with wish lists from less eco-conscious loved ones that are filled with the trendiest, most toxic items, and know that you can’t possibly fulfill their wishes in good conscience.

Keep what’s important to you top of mind and you’ll be able to give guilt free. Your dedication to living toxin free includes finding ways to share your lifestyle with others. Giving non toxic is a great way to introduce others to healthier options and gently encourage them to embrace this lifestyle. It’s also a wonderful way to show you care about your gift recipient and the planet.

To keep your gift giving guilt-free and toxin-free this season, consider the following …

  • Give toxin free! All those teens and young adults on your gift-giving list are asking for the trendiest body care, filled with toxic fragrance, dyes, and other harmful ingredients. Don’t give in to the TikTok trend setters. There are non toxic versions of many of those trendy items available, from skin care and sugar body scrubs to firming body oils, shimmery eye makeup, lip plumping gloss, and more.
  • Pick practical gifts. Sometimes what people need is a more thoughtful and welcome gift than giving something frivolous that they may want but that isn’t really useful. In this economy, a gift of household items or everyday skin and body care products would go a long way toward helping others enjoy not just the holidays but every day well into the new year.
  • Give products packaged in recycled materials. You can take the landfill worry off your mind when you give products responsibly packaged in recycled and recyclable materials. Products packaged in recyclable glass and PET plastic containers are safe for your gift recipient and the planet.
  • Skip the expensive gift wrap. While not all gift wrap is toxic, much of it is not recyclable. A more sustainable option is to reuse gift wrap, boxes, and bags. You could also make use of the brown paper bags many retailers are using now, turning them into gift wrap and decorating packages using string or ribbon and pieces of holly or pine, bells, or a candy cane (organic, of course). Once your gift is open, the brown paper wrapping can easily be recycled.

For more gift ideas and information about Pure Haven non toxic products, please connect with your Pure Haven Consultant. They are a wonderful resource for your holiday shopping as well as your everyday needs.