PUREhaven Essentials’ Mission

At Pure Haven Essentials, we have an important mission. It goes beyond products, beyond direct sales; it’s truly about health and education. It’s about putting the spotlight on an issue that has long lingered in the shadows.

Toxic chemicals surround us every day and affect our lives, our homes, and our families in many negative ways. Our Consultants share this important information with the goal of empowering people to make informed decisions about the products they purchase.

So, what happens when Consultants share this mission and message? They get many reactions. People cannot believe, and some won’t believe, that tens of thousands of harmful chemicals are in the conventional products we all use every day. From soap and shower gel to lotions, powders, creams, and even home sprays, the parade of toxins is endless.

Some are angry, wondering how this can happen. Some are fearful: they have been using these products for years on themselves and their loved ones!

Many are grateful to have this education because any change is better than none.

Most of our Consultants join Pure Haven Essentials for all of these reasons and more. They share a passion for telling it like it is: there is stuff out there that can hurt you and you’re often bringing it right in your own home.

The good news is that you can do something about it.

The mission is empowerment. Giving people the right to make their own decisions.

Pure Haven Essentials products offer an immediate solution. It’s not about handwringing, saying “what can we do?” It’s about taking action and literally putting your money where your mouth is. You talk about the issue, and then you discover how to fill your home with safe, clean, effective products.

Every dollar spent on Pure Haven Essentials products is one dollar not spent on toxic products. And money talks.

You don’t need a background in sales or expertise on products. You just need passion to educate others, to talk about an issue that is important to you for your own reasons and why you want to share.

Mission, message, and the products to back it up. That is what Pure Haven is all about.

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