is your cell phone dirtier than a toilet seat? here’s what to do.

is your cell phone dirtier than a toilet seat? here’s what to do.

There are studies that say our cell phones contain more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Hard to believe? Just think about how many people actually bring their phones into the bathroom with them — an article in c|net says 75% of American cell phone users do — and it starts to make sense.

Even if you don’t personally use your cell phone in the bathroom, it’s likely to pick up germs and bacteria from other surfaces. We handle our cell phones probably hundreds of times a day, and no matter how often you wash or sanitize your hands, they’re not ALWAYS clean.

So what do you do now that you know your cell phone could be dirtier than a toilet seat?

  • Keep your phone out of the bathroom. Whatever it is, it surely can wait until after you’ve finished up in there!
  • Regularly clean your cell phone. Rather than dousing your phone with cleaner and risking harm to your device, spray a soft cloth with surface cleaner and then gently wipe it down. Steer clear of any abrasive cleaners, glass cleaners, or vinegar that could damage the screen or camera lens. It’s probably a good idea to remove your case and wipe that down separately from your phone — you never know what germs could be getting between the two.
  • Don’t forget your hands. Used a dirty phone? Wash your hands with soap and water or use hands on the go or hand sanitizer. Just cleaned your phone? Don’t contaminate it again by touching it with dirty hands.
  • Say no to sharing. This will help limit the spread of illness to others. If you do borrow someone’s phone, be sure to clean your hands And if you lend your phone to someone, be sure to wipe it clean and wash your hands.

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