how to create an eco-friendly skin care plan

how to create an eco-friendly skin care plan

It’s so important to take care of the skin you’re in. So, you eat skin-nourishing foods and use skin-nourishing non toxic products from pure haven. But is that enough?

When you’re doing your best to live a healthier lifestyle, make protecting the planet part of your plan. Get started with these simple tips for creating an eco-friendly skin care plan:

  • Choose products made with safe and natural ingredients that are both good for you and for the environment.
  • Reduce waste by choosing reusable cotton rounds and cosmetic sponges instead of disposable ones.
  • Pick makeup tools made with bamboo. Bamboo is incredibly sustainable, growing 15 times faster than other traditional lumber. This renewable resource regenerates from its own roots to replenish after harvest.
  • Recycle product containers whenever possible. Look for the recycling symbol on your product packaging.
  • Keep separate trash and recycling bins in your bathroom or wherever you carry out your skin care routine will make you less likely to forget to sort on garbage pickup day.
  • Buy refillable containers and product refills to help minimize waste. Transfer the product in large refill size bottles into the original spray bottles or a pretty, reusable glass bottle.

Pure haven is the only company in the United States that offers a complete line of 100% pure, non toxic products to help protect you, your family, and the planet! We are also committed to strategic effort toward using sustainable packaging and manufacturing processes.

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