How to Create a Vision Board – A Tool for Success

A vision board is simply a visual representation of your goals and dreams.  It can be big or small, physical or digital, simple or elaborate.  You get to decide!

The most important thing about creating a vision board is that it helps you discover and work toward your goals.  It reminds you of the feelings you want to cultivate in your life and is a great motivator for continuing to work diligently.

Here are a few tips for creating your own vision board.

  • Find pictures, words, and quotes in magazines, online, or from your own personal collection of photographs. Cut out or capture anything that sparks positive feelings in you.  You can decide later which ones you want to put on your board.
  • Even if you’re not sure of your path, let the process of finding things to add to your vision board aid you in creating a vision for your life.
  • Think in categories for inspiration. What are your business goals?  What are your personal growth goals?  How can you visually represent goals that you can measure so that you can track your progress?  Can you include numbers or other data points to strive for?
  • Ask yourself what you want more of in your life – make sure to represent those things on your board.
  • Once you finish your board, find a place to post it where you will see it each day. Take a few minutes each day to reflect on your board.  Soak in the positive feelings it creates within you and use that energy to work toward your goals!

If you are a pure haven Consultant, consider sponsoring a vision board party where you guide others through starting to create their own vision boards.

Whether in your own home or with a Host who invites her own guests, you can spend 20 minutes introducing the concept and then provide cardstock, magazines, scissors, tape, and markers so that others can start their boards.  Bring your board to share.

Transition to pure haven by telling guests that your pure haven business sponsored the evening and that you have displayed a collection of best-selling products along with catalogs for those who are interested in using 100% toxin-free home and personal care products.

It’s a great way to make connections, have fun, and flex your courage muscle!