Holiday Gift Idea: Treat A Friend’s Feet

How do you wrap up the spa and give it to your busy family and friends?

Give away our Treat Your Feet holiday combo!

It’s the perfect gift for friends, teachers, neighbors, and family.

The combo contains our 7.5 oz foot therapy soak, 3 oz foot cream, natural pumice stone, and a pair of spa socks to enhance the effects of all of these great products.

Here’s a great easy way to wrap it up that is both cute and beneficial:

Purchase a pack of cotton muslin bags at least 5” x 7” in size (can be found on Amazon).

Fill the muslin bag with the Treat Your Feet Combo.

You can also decorate a paper lunch bag (cute for teachers) or use a clear cello bag.

Type or write out this treatment for your recipient and attach it with a ribbon to the outside of the bag.


Treat Your Feet: At Home Spa Foot Treatment

You’ve been given the gift of relaxation and renewal.

Clear out 30 minutes in your busy schedule.

Add ¼ cup of pure haven foot therapy soak to bathtub or plastic tub.

Make sure to pick a place where you can sit and relax while you soak your feet.

Soak your feet for 15 to 20 mins. in the beneficial combo of dead sea salt and botanicals.

Breathe in the aromatic benefits and relax.

Dry your feet.

Knead the foot cream tube to mix up all of the great, natural ingredients.

Squeeze a quarter size amount into your hands and massage into each foot.

Once the cream has been absorbed, put on the spa booties to enhance the effects of the treatment.  If possible do the treatment before bed, and sleep in the booties for ultra-soft results.


Be sure to include a few business cards inside the bag so that your friend can pass along your name to others!

Treat Your Feet combo – 7.5 oz foot therapy soak, 3 oz foot cream, natural pumice stone, spa booties – item number 34031 – special price $34.95