get the tea on the dreaded “f” word and discover your new favorite scent

get the tea on the dreaded “f” word and discover your new favorite scent

Around here, the dreaded “f” word isn’t what you think. It’s worse!

The “f” we’re referring to is fragrance. In any product, fragrance could contain an untold number of undisclosed chemicals. The ingredients in fragrance don’t have to be divulged on product labels because companies are legally allowed to use the term to protect trade secrets.

However, many fragrances contain phthalates and/or styrene, which can trigger allergies and cause negative health impacts like headaches, migraines, and respiratory issues. Phthalates have been linked with birth defects, breast cancer, diabetes, obesity, autism, and ADHD. Styrene is a derivative of benzene, which is also linked to an increased risk of developing cancer. It seems that manufacturers that use fragrance in their products are not watching out for consumers, only for their bottom line.

So, if you’re considering purchasing fragrance, perfume, or cologne, we urge you to steer clear. Instead opt for a fragrance-free scent made with only safe ingredients, like essential oils.

Pure Haven’s new pure happiness rollerball scent is an ideal alternative. Made with organic sunflower seed oil and a variety of fruit and floral oils, including orange peel, mandarin orange peel, davana, tangerine peel, bergamot, ylang ylang, and roman chamomile flower oils, pure happiness has a light, uplifting, citrus scent that’s sure to become a favorite. It comes in a convenient rollerball bottle for easy application and can be reapplied throughout the day as desired. It’s a limited release item, available only through March 31, 2023, or while supplies last, so get yours today.

All Pure Haven products are 100% fragrance free, made with only the safest, most effective ingredients. Contact your Consultant today to learn more about pure happiness and our other non toxic products for your family and your home.