Five Tips for Thriving During Cold and Flu Season

Five Tips for Thriving During Cold and Flu Season

Winter is coming, bringing with it a bevy of holidays, snow, and loads of crowded festivities where germs abound.

No need to dread the season, though. Stick with pure haven for tips for not just surviving cold and flu season, but actually thriving all winter long!

Tip #1: Ward off illness with diffuser oils.

Diffusing essential oils will scent your home and can have amazing therapeutic effects. As aromatic essential oils diffuse through the air, they impart room-freshening and wellness-inducing benefits. The unique blend of eucalyptus, lavender, and juniper oils in our wellness blend diffuser oil releases a pleasant aroma that brings about a feeling of wellness. Simply add 3-5 drops of wellness blend diffuser oil to 100ml of water in your diffuser. No diffuser, no problem — place a few drops on a tissue instead and inhale deeply.

Tip #2: Stay active.

When the winter winds are howling, it’s easy to give in to the desire to stay in, wrapped up in blankets in front of the television. While that’s fine for weathering the storm, be sure to maintain your regular exercise schedule throughout the season. It’s important to get out for a walk, take time for the gym, or throw in an exercise dvd at home in order to boost your immune system. Yoga fan? That’s an exercise that many take part in at home. Pure haven certified organic breathe pure vapor rub is known to enhance meditation and yoga practices. Rub a generous amount onto neck and chest and breathe deeply.

Tip #3: Stay ahead of sinus congestion.

There are few things worse than the stuffy-headed feeling that comes with a cold. Steam can help clear that feeling away, especially when infused with powerful botanicals. Pure haven botanical steam sinus is fueled by a sinus-clearing combination of eucalyptus, peppermint, and ginger. It’s perfect when battling a cold. Pour four cups of steaming water over 1-2 tablespoons of the botanicals in a large bowl, position your face over the steam, and cover with a towel to seal in the herbal steam. Remain over the herbal steam for approximately three minutes, enjoying the sinus-clearing scent.

Tip #4: Feel better as you get better.

When cold and flu symptoms settle in, treat them to vapor rub massaged into neck and chest. But not just any vapor rub. Beware of petroleum, camphor, and turpentine, often used in store-bought vapor rubs. Petroleum has been linked to breast cancer and other illnesses (check out our list of ingredients to avoid), while camphor is usually manufactured from turpentine oil and can cause skin irritation or reach toxic levels in the body when absorbed through broken skin ( Our breathe pure vapor rub is made with a non toxic combination of olive oil, shea butter, and beneficial, organic essential oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint, and tea tree, to help relieve cold and flu symptoms.

For sick kiddos, try our soothing chest rub. a combination of soothing lavender, refreshing pink grapefruit, and purifying lemon work together to help ease chest and nasal congestion.

Tip #5: Attend to aches and pains.

The flu often brings on muscle aches. Attend to them with pure haven comfort oil, made with rejuvenating frankincense, soothing lavender, and helichrysum, known for its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties, and its remarkable effects on sensitive and inflamed skin. Apply liberally for ultimate comfort, and a great dose of moisturization, too.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to find this cold and flu season a lot more bearable, especially when you have the peace of mind that comes with using products made with only non toxic ingredients. Contact your pure haven Consultant today for more about our wellness line and other products available to help you feel your best all year long!