6 safe blemish-fighting remedies

6 safe blemish-fighting remedies

No matter how great your genetics or how dedicated you are to your non toxic skin care routine, every once in a while a blemish pops up and threatens to ruin your day.

Don’t turn to toxic treatments to get rid of blemishes. Pure haven offers several products that can help!

  • blemish stick with probiotics: A natural go-to for handling blemishes. The combination of ingredients in this convenient stick help prevent breakouts and reduce redness. It’s made with ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, including helichrysum and organic tea tree leaf oil.
  • boo boo stick: Great for spot treating blemishes. It’s loaded with skin-nourishing botanicals like organic neem seed oil and rose hip fruit extract.
  • charcoal bar soap: Charcoal absorbs excess oil, so our charcoal bar soap (a limited release item) helps with acne-prone skin. It’s great for those who have acne not just on their faces but other areas as well.
  • purifying charcoal mask with pre+probiotics: Charcoal helps unclog pores and absorbs toxins that build up in the skin. Using our charcoal mask can help minimize the appearance of pores and keep skin clear.
  • hands on the go: Although cleaning hands is its primary use, many of our Consultants and Customers have had success when using hands on the go as a spot treatment for blemishes. It’s made with a combination of ingredients known for their powerful properties, including yucca with anti-inflammatory properties and organic tea tree leaf oil with antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • cbd skin care booster: This super-concentrated, quick-absorbing moisturizer is made with organic hemp seed oil, which is a highly nourishing source of phytonutrients and omega fatty acids. It helps soothe and balance skin and leaves you with a healthy glow. Available only as a Host exclusive when you hold a pure haven Gathering. Ask your Consultant for details.

Note: Please take care not to use any of these products on or around eyes.

For more great non toxic skin care products and tips, connect with your pure haven Consultant.