4 reasons to add serums to your skin care routine

4 reasons to add serums to your skin care routine

Changing up your skin care routine can seem scary. Many of us think, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

But while the products you use on your face may provide you with the results you desire right now, there are likely times when your routine could use a little “oomph.” Those times may occur with a change in hormones or age, or external factors like weather, pollution, stress level, the hardness of the water you wash with and drink, and the amount of blue light you’re exposed to from digital devices. Each of these can cause complexion concerns that can be easily addressed with a slight change in your skin care routine.

Enter skin care serums. Serums can enhance your routine in a variety of ways, allowing you to customize your skin care.

4 reasons to add serums to your skin care routine

  1. Serums provide targeted benefits to help with specific concerns for changing seasons and stages of life.
  2. Serums are more potent, highly-concentrated formulations, delivering anti-aging, brightening, or clarifying benefits to your routine.
  3. Serums are designed to quickly sink into skin to provide a deeper level of hydration.
  4. More moisture thanks to serums = a fresher, younger appearance.

how to use serums

Serums will generally have a thinner consistency, so they absorb quickly with no greasy feeling left behind. They are add-ons to your skin care routine, so you’ll cleanse, tone, moisturize, but also apply one or more serums. Mix a few drops together to create a serum “cocktail” or layer them on your skin — it’s up to you!

Here’s the order of use we suggest: cleanse, tone, eye cream, then serum(s) and/or moisturizer.

In the morning, we suggest using hyaluronic acid before brightening serum to help visibly plump skin and replenish hydration lost overnight. Follow with moisturizer and sunscreen.

At night, apply night serum (ideal for overnight skin repair with anti-aging properties) before soothing serum, which will help reduce redness and calm irritation, then apply beauty booster to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles or cbd skin care booster for added hydration and to help with acne and breakouts.

Connect with your pure haven Consultant today to discuss which of our non toxic, U.S.-made serums are ideal for your skin type and routine.