the ABCs of clear skin: your back-to-school guide

Which came first, stress or the pimple? It’s a vicious cycle experienced by teens (and probably teachers and parents!) throughout the school year but especially during the first few months back. The new school year, with new schedules to keep, homework and projects to complete, friends to make, drama to endure, and teaching styles to become accustomed to, creates stress that causes breakouts, which in turn leads to more stress.

Helping your teen clear up their blemished skin will go a long way toward ending the stress-breakouts-stress-breakouts cycle. Luckily, you’ve both got Pure Haven in your corner, which makes clear skin as simple as ABC.

ALWAYS use non toxic products. Your teenage years are rife with hormone changes. This is no time to risk the long-term effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in many everyday skin care products. Those products may seem to be working on the surface, but their toxic formulations could lead to future breakouts or even more serious health issues down the road.

BLEMISH STICK is your best friend for handling breakouts. Spot treat with our non toxic formulations, specially made to reduce the redness and irritation associated with blemishes and prevent future breakouts. Our convenient blemish stick formula includes probiotics for inflammation control. TIP: Never squeeze or pick at blemishes, which can worsen the situation.

CLEAR UP your complexion with our three-step clear up collection for problem skin. This collection includes cleanser, toner, and serum. Use all three products regularly, morning and evening, for the best results. This collection is specially formulated to gently clean and balance skin, reduce redness, inflammation, irritation, and the appearance of large pores, and address blemished, blemish-prone, inflamed, and oily skin.

Connect with your Pure Haven Consultant today to learn more about our non toxic clear up collection, blemish stick, and other skin care items. They may have additional suggestions for handling problem skin and other back-to-school concerns.