handling toxic back-to-school concerns: a grownups’ guide

Back-to-school time is not just about the kiddos. It’s also about the kiddos’ grownups, like you, who worry about their littles (even the littles who are in high school and college!) being out in the world, where they may be exposed to any number of toxins.

Toxic ingredients can be found in nearly every product category, from personal care to pet care, household cleaning, and even (alleged!) wellness, and they may be affecting your child during this back-to-school season.

Many product manufacturers take steps to hide the dangers associated with the toxic chemicals they use, employing greenwashing tactics in their labeling and marketing materials to dupe consumers into believing they’re making the best choices. Those manufacturers are knowingly poisoning consumers with toxins like fragrance, parabens, and phthalates, all for the sake of making a buck.

But as a parent or caregiver, when you know better, you do better. The secret lies in having a trusted non toxic product manufacturer to turn to; one that provides a complete collection of safe, effective products for your family and lives up to its “no toxins, no compromises” promise.

So when the following concerns rear their ugly heads during the school year, you’ve got Pure Haven so you know what to do. Here’s a handy reminder guide, just in case:

  • Do you know what your kids are exposed to at school? You use non toxic products at home, but your kids’ schools probably don’t. So when your children’s teachers ask for donations to the classroom, provide your favorite non toxic surface cleaner, glass cleaner, and master blaster.
  • Have a nervous Nellie? Making friends, getting schoolwork and homework done, and prepping for tests, athletic and drama tryouts, and more can take a toll on your kids – and you! But you’ve got this. Take care of headaches with our phenomenal headache stick, sleep better by applying sleepy body oil before bed, and help your kids settle down at night with a few spritzes of monster spray in their room and on their linens. You can also diffuse peppermint and tea tree essential oils or place a few drops of each onto a tissue or cotton ball and hold under the nose while inhaling deeply to help relieve headaches and migraines and/or stimulate the mind during homework and study sessions.
  • How can you help your teen through bouts of blemished skin? Don’t give in to the lure of toxic complexion products that promise clear skin without revealing the risks involved with using them. Instead, present your teen with our non toxic 3-piece clear up skin care set, which includes cleanser, toner, and serum, each made with innovative ingredients like aspen and willow bark extracts with natural salicylates for a smooth, clear complexion with reduced inflammation and redness.
  • Ready to battle boredom? (Yes, boredom!) Once the kids are at school a few weeks or a month or so and you’ve had your fill of having your space to yourself, you may be bored. No worries. There’s much that can be done, like reviewing the random bottles under your kitchen and bathroom sinks and tossing anything that contains toxic ingredients. Or, cleaning top to bottom with your favorite non toxic household products. Perhaps taking a long bath or practice new makeup looks. Or, best of all, picking up a new activity that can not only fill your loneliest times but also have you sharing about the dangers of toxic ingredients, earning extra cash, and meeting loads of like-minded people.

Connect with your Pure Haven Consultant today to learn more about the products mentioned above and more. They likely have additional suggestions for handling toxic back-to-school concerns. Share what you learned on your social media accounts, and be sure to mention Pure Haven and your Consultant.