8 ways to show your winter-ravaged hair some extra love 

Been neglecting your hair this winter? We understand. It’s easy to tie it back, throw on a hat, and ride out the storm, so to speak, until spring arrives, and you can let your hair down again. But this time leading up to spring is exactly when your hair needs your attention most. 

Hair takes a beating during winter months. The dry, frosty air this season combined with harsh winds and rapid changes in temperature and moisture can lead to a dry, damaged, staticky ‘do. You may start to notice things like … 

  • hair loss 
  • split ends 
  • dry scalp 
  • dandruff 
  • dull color 

The good news is there’s no better time than right now to show your stressed tresses some love with nourishing non toxic hair care products. Read on for 8 ways to show your winter-ravaged hair some extra love: 

  1. Stick to a healthy diet. Your hair needs nourishment from the inside out, all year long. A diet rich in vitamin c for protection from free radical damage and omega-3 fatty acids for hair growth and shine is essential. The best sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits and dark, leafy greens. Foods like salmon, oysters, sardines, flax and chia seeds, walnuts, and soybeans contain a great deal of omega-3s. 
  1. Skip a shampoo or two. The natural oils from your scalp and hair can get stripped away when you over wash your hair. Two ways to prevent this is to wash just once or twice a week and to do so with only safe, non toxic shampoo that won’t strip your hair. In between shampoos, refresh your ‘do with dry shampoo — just be sure to steer clear of those in aerosol cans (although it’s an unintended ingredient, benzene is a common contaminant found in aerosol products) and those made with harmful ingredients
  1. Avoid going out damp. Water expands when it freezes and when moisture in your hair freezes and expands, it can cause breakage. Allow your hair to dry completely before going out, either by giving it enough time to air dry (wash at night if there’s not enough time in your morning routine for this) or applying thermal protection hair mist before blow drying completely. 
  1. Condition away the static. Hair that’s suffering from extra dryness will become staticky. Solve this problem at the root with a moisturizing hair care products including a scalp treatment, conditioner, and hair mask
  1. Don’t skimp on nourishing extras. Conditioners, masks, creams, and oils will help hydrate your hair and make it soft and healthy while adding shine, minimizing breakage and split ends, and boosting growth. 
  1. Give heat styling a break. Heat styling damages hair, especially hair that’s regularly being exposed to cold winds and frost. That’s why it’s better to air dry than blow dry hair during the winter months, and to skip curling and flat irons. If you must use heat styling tools, be sure to prep hair with a non toxic thermal protection mist.  
  1. Stay hydrated. Yes, moisturizing hair care products help keep your locks hydrated, but good hydration begins from within, which means drinking plenty of water throughout the winter is essential. Drinking an appropriate amount of water every day will help stimulate a healthier scalp, reduce itchiness, boost hair growth, and combat weak strands and split ends. 
  1. Cap it loosely. Pulling tight winter hats on and off every day and sometimes multiple times a day can cause damage to your hair and scalp, but going without a hat can be detrimental, too, as even a light frost can lead to hair loss. Choose loose-fitting hats made with natural fibers that are more breathable to allow your scalp to get fresh air and blood to circulate properly. Clean your hats regularly with non toxic laundry detergent to remove oil and skin cells that will otherwise contribute to buildup on your hair and scalp every time you put it back on. 

Ask your Pure Haven Consultant for more of their favorite winter hair care products and tips for keeping your hair looking great all season long without using toxic ingredients. 


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