why pure haven should be on every mom’s back-to-school checklist

why pure haven should be on every mom’s back-to-school checklist

The kids are back to school or soon will be. No doubt you’ve set them up with all the non toxic products they need to get the school year off to a great start. But did you know there are lots of ways pure haven can help YOU out this time of year as well?

Here’s how pure haven can help with …

Your time: Finally have time to do something for yourself while the kids are at school? How about getting a few friends together for a pure haven Gathering? While your Consultant fills everyone in on the issues of toxins lurking in everyday products, you’ll have fun socializing and wind up with all kinds of Host rewards!

Your income: In addition to having time to spare, you probably have some bills to pay (hello, kids’ sports fees and dance classes aren’t cheap!). Here’s an opportunity for you: join pure haven as a Consultant. It’s as easy as sharing the products you love, just like you would a new movie or book you’re into. Our new simple start system helps you get started strong and earning cash and free products from the get-go.

Your family: Being a pure haven Consultant allows you complete flexibility. You create your own work schedule to ensure you’re there for your family and you control your income — the more you share pure haven, the more income you can earn. And along the way you’ll be able to earn additional perks and incentives, including free and discounted products (like master blaster, moisturizing hand soap, laundry detergent, and toothpaste) to help you create a safe, toxin-free home for your loved ones, cash bonuses to contribute to your household income, and free luxury vacations.

Your passion: Have a passion for healthier living, helping others, making a difference in the world? How about a passion for keeping your family safe? Become a pure haven Consultant and share that passion with others while earning extra cash and incentives.

Your confidence: Our Consultants often find that they discover a whole new level of confidence when they join pure haven. This is a side gig that makes a difference in the lives of thousands, helping them protect their families from harmful toxins. When you can play a part in your family and friends success in removing toxins from their homes, it’s an instant confidence boost. From there, the opportunities are endless!

Ask your Consultant about more of the benefits of joining pure haven. If you’re interested in a unique income opportunity that comes with a generous 30% product discount, be sure to ask about our simple start system and how to earn $200 in free products