what to look for in pure essential oils and how to use them this spring

Although alternative medicine enthusiasts have incorporated essential oils into their daily practice for years, only recently have essential oils become more mainstream. Their popularity mostly stems from those interested in living a healthier lifestyle. Essential oils have a “natural” status, offering a non toxic option for healing, cleaning, soothing, etc.

However, not all essential oils on the market are indeed “natural.” It’s important that you know what to look for when choosing them for your personal use:

  • Not labeled “fragrance oil” or “perfume oil,” which are not pure essential oils.
  • Contains no additives or preservatives in ingredients.
  • Common name and botanical name noted on label, as there are many varieties of plants.
  • Stored in dark-colored glass bottles to preserve quality.
  • Certified organic noted on label.

Pure Haven essential oils* are USDA certified organic and guaranteed safe and effective. Use them to enhance mind, body, and spirit in different ways every day. Here are two easy ways to enjoy your essential oils:

  1. Diffuse in a diffuser, in a small bowl of warm water, or even on a cotton ball placed on a small glass plate or bowl and breathe in the aroma of the oil. (Tip: No need to diffuse constantly; 10-15 minutes at a time is ideal.)
  2. Dilute in a carrier for topical application. Carriers include body oils (Pure Haven mom and baby body oil and mom balm are amazing unscented carriers, not just for moms), skin care serums, and lotions or creams.

The following essential oils have various benefits, whether you diffuse or add to a carrier and apply topically. They’re perfect for incorporating into your spring cleaning and calming routines:

Lemon is often used for cleaning, helping to degrease and deodorize. It can also cleanse and purify the air, support the immune and respiratory systems, uplift mood, and help alleviate headaches and colds.

Rosemary is another cleaning staple, great for deodorizing and air freshening. It also provides mental stimulation (diffuse before a big meeting or project deadline!) and respiratory support and can help with healthy skin and hair.

Frankincense offers vast benefits, boosting both mental and physical health. It supports immune and respiratory systems, helps with anxiety and stress relief, digestion, and focus. Its anti-inflammatory properties help with joint pain (add to mom balm and rub into affected areas) and rosacea (add to night serum or soothing serum).

Tranquility is your all-in-one calming blend of five essential oils (cedarwood, lavender, frankincense, sweet orange, and chamomile). It supports the respiratory system, can provide feelings of relaxation and grounding (perfect for yoga or meditation), and calms a racing mind. It helps achieve a more restful sleep.

Contact your Pure Haven Consultant to learn more about our essential oils and our other safe, effective non toxic products for your home, family, and lifestyle.

*Essential oils are limited time items, available only while supplies last.