the benefits of bergamot that you’re going to love

the benefits of bergamot that you’re going to love

For the month of May 2022, pure haven is all about orange bergamot, introducing three products in this delicious citrusy scent: body wash & shampoo, texturizing hair gel, and deodorant. This new limited release* scent is made with orange peel and bergamot oils, of course, along with ylang ylang flower, coriander fruit, lavandin, and eucalyptus leaf oils, plus other beneficial non toxic ingredients.

Even if you’ve never heard of bergamot, you’ve probably smelled or even tasted it. Bergamot is a type of orange that’s native to the Mediterranean region and its oil is often used in cosmetics and as a flavoring in tea (that’s where the unique scent and flavor of Earl Grey tea comes from). It has a yellow-green color similar to a lime, which makes it look almost like a round lime. It’s extremely fragrant, which means orange bergamot products have twice the yummy citrus scent.

In addition to its simply enjoyable scent, bergamot’s aromatic benefits include:
• Mood support
• Energy boost
• Stress reduction
• Anxiety relief

When applied topically, bergamot oil helps with:
• Cleansing and purifying skin
• Reducing blemishes and other skin irritation
• Relieving muscle and joint discomfort
• Alleviating dry, flaky skin
• Encouraging healthy hair growth
• Hydrating and softening hair

Treat yourself to our orange bergamot products (sold separately and as a set) to experience this wonderfully helpful scent for yourself. The set makes a great gift for anyone on your gift-giving list this spring, especially the special men in your life, whether for Father’s Day, birthdays, or graduations. Ask your pure haven Consultant about this and other collections available today.

*Orange bergamot products are available May 1-31, 2022, or while supplies last.