the 5 gifts at the top of mom’s wish list

the 5 gifts at the top of mom’s wish list

Whether they’re stay-home moms, work-from-home moms, or work-outside-the-home moms, every mom works hard. They deserve only the best when Mother’s Day comes around.

Don’t just mail a card or drop by with flowers. Think of all the things your mom has done for you (hello, she gave you life!) and give her the Mother’s Day gift she deserves.

Here are the five gifts at the top of mom’s wish list:

  1. scent sans headaches: Among the many dangers of fragrance (allergies, rashes, cancer, and more) is that it can cause headaches. But mom still likes to smell nice, so give her a fragrance-free scent like pure eau de toilette, made with organic cane alcohol and essential oils, and save her the headache.
  2. confidence-boosting skin care: Your mom is the most beautiful woman in your world, but she may not always feel like it. Help her take care of her skin and boost her confidence with a gift of a non toxic skin care bundle with pre+probiotics that help defend against the effects of aging, pollution, and everyday stressors, and keep mom’s complexion glowing.
  3. relaxing spa day: Bundle several of mom’s favorite pure haven products to help her create a relaxing spa day at home. Start with one of our sugar body scrubs (pink grapefruit or lemon), mandarin body wash, and body butter with pre+probiotics. Add our tranquility essential oil, known to help relax and calm body and mind, to diffuse or add to jojoba oil for added skin hydration.
  4. fatigued foot rescue: Got a mom who’s on her feet all day? Treat her to foot therapy cream and soak, the perfect duo for relieving achy foot symptoms and hydrating cracked heels and rough skin spots.
  5. healthy housekeeping: Giving mom cleaning products might not seem like the best gift idea. But when those cleaning products come with a thorough housecleaning performed by none other than yourself? Well, that’s a gift no mom would turn down! Even better, cleaning with safe, non toxic products that can handle the toughest jobs around without the harsh, harmful fumes!

Contact your pure haven Consultant today for more great gift ideas for mom. Be sure to order by May 6, 2020, to receive your pure haven gifts in time for Mother’s Day.

To all the moms out there, enjoy your special day!