Our #1 Black Friday Shopping Tip

The biggest shopping day of the year is coming! People are all too happy to share their best Black Friday shopping tips – get in line early, wait for the crowds to die down, hold out for Cyber Monday, skip it all together, and, our personal favorite — actually our #1 Black Friday shopping tip:

Shop from home!

Shopping from home, whether online alone or with friends at an in-home shopping party, is our kind of Black Friday shopping. Even better? Getting a head start on Thanksgiving!

When it comes to Black Friday shopping from home, take our advice:

  • Use your dollars to make your voice heard! Shop for safe products that won’t cause harm to your health or the environment. This is a great way to let corporate America know that it’s not okay to use toxic chemicals in their products because your family deserves better.
  • If you’re a preferred customer, check for early bird online shopping opportunities. You’ll get to take advantage of deals before anyone else, and hopefully before any “while supplies last” items run out.
  • Host a shopping event in your home and you’ll not only find great deals, but you can earn free products, as well!
  • Attend an in-home shopping event at a friend’s place. You’ll get great deals on items not found in stores while helping your friend earn host rewards.
  • Lots of Black Friday offers are available all weekend long, so don’t lose hope if Friday gets away from you.
  • Shop small — support a small business owner, especially on Small Business Saturday, which happens Black Friday weekend.
  • Cyber Monday is all about online shopping after the long holiday weekend, so be sure to check in for more great deals to wrap-up your at-home shopping excursion!
  • Keep your gift-giving list handy while you shop so you can easily consult it when you’re trying to think of someone who would just love that shower gel, monster spray, or comfort oil that your favorite shopping spot is offering at amazing savings! (wink, wink)

Happy shopping!