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“I am a busy mama with a full work schedule and home-schooled children, so to say that my hands are full would be an understatement, but I like sharing the things I love with others. And I love that with this business I can work on my own terms literally from anywhere — if I have my phone, I can do my work. I get to create this amazing impact and truly empower people to live healthier, more abundant lives. For that I’m truly blessed and grateful for Pure Haven.”

— Anna T.


“When you host, you might not be changing the whole world, but you can do your part, which is your circle of family and friends that you can share this message with, so that’s the best thing. And then of course you get free and discounted stuff!”

— Melody T.


“My #1, more than any particular product, is the safety behind Pure Haven. I don’t ever have to worry about toxins and taking away that worry and the time reading these ingredients in the supermarket, with the print getting smaller and smaller, is worth everything to me.”

— Carrie S.

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It’s the best decision you’ll ever make.

As a Pure Haven Consultant, in addition to the fulfillment you’ll feel as you share with and educate others about the health risks associated with traditional products and the safe, non toxic alternatives Pure Haven provides, you’ll receive amazing perks.


join for just $35

and get everything you need to start your Pure Haven business.

  • 10 Meet Pure Haven brochures to share
  • Digital product training and education
  • Digital marketing tools for easy sharing
  • Personal Pure Haven website (a.k.a. your storefront)
  • Back office business reports and tools for success
  • 60-day free trial of the back office
  • Team and home office support


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non tox my day product pack for just $99.

Retail value $226.55!
Set not sold in catalog.

optional product pack
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share with friends

Invite a few friends to hear about the dangers of toxic ingredients in everyday products and the safe alternatives available and you’ll earn unlimited free and discounted products for being the Gathering Host.

Your Pure Haven Consultant does all the work while you reap the rewards. It’s as easy as that!

  • $25+ in free products*
  • 30-50% discount*
  • Free two-booking bonus valued up to $177
  • Personal consultant assistance
  • Orders delivered directly to guests

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*Based on guest sales. Plus tax and delivery.
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swap and remove toxins

Swap out the harmful products in your home for safe, effective alternatives for your family.

As a Pure Haven Customer, you have full access to our complete collection of non toxic products, plus monthly Customer and Preferred Customer Specials.

As a Preferred Customer, you’ll also receive free delivery on orders over $70 and a 10% discount on orders over $150. Set up your own flexible shipment schedule so you never run out of non toxic must-haves for yourself and your family. Update your cart and your delivery schedule whenever you want.

Plus, as a Preferred Customer, you’ll enjoy 20% off monthly specials and get early access to limited-time sales.

Three ways to join, just $150* each:


4 piece no bag

4-piece non toxic skin care set


Essentials 1 Bundle

essentials 1 bundle


*Plus tax.

frequently asked questions

You may join Pure Haven as a Customer by making a product purchase of any amount, as a Preferred Customer by making a product purchase of $150 or more and enrolling upon checkout, or as a Consultant by enrolling with a virtual starter kit ($35, with the option of adding a non tox my day product pack for $99).

Our products may be purchased through an independent Pure Haven Consultant in person, by phone or on the Consultant’s Pure Haven website, or through the corporate website at

A Consultant is a U.S. resident at least 18 years of age who has decided to join Pure Haven with the intention of building a business by sharing our mission, selling our products, and/or building a team.

Enroll as a Consultant with a virtual starter kit for just $35. During enrollment, you’ll have the option of adding a non tox my day product pack for $99 to help get your business started.

As a Pure Haven Consultant, you become part of a community of like-minded individuals who are changing the world one family at a time by proudly sharing our mission and our message about toxins in everyday products. Consultants earn up to 40% commission on product sales plus credit toward personal purchases based on their Preferred Customer Club sales. Additionally, Consultants who enroll other Consultants may earn bonuses and commissions for mentoring and leading their team members. Pure Haven also offers special bonuses and exciting incentives (travel opportunities, products, swag items, and invitation-only events). Consultants receive their own personal Pure Haven website and back office, and may purchase most Pure Haven products at a 20% savings.

Yes. Consultants affiliated with other companies should read the Independent Consultant Application and Agreement carefully upon enrollment. As part of the agreement during enrollment, Consultants agree that they will not solicit other Pure Haven Consultants to join other direct/social/peer-to-peer sales companies.

Pure Haven products and opportunities are available only to those who live within the United States.

No, Consultants are not required to pay any additional fees. However, there are optional services that may incur an extra charge.

Consultants earn up to 40% commission on product sales plus credit toward personal product purchases based on their Preferred Customer Club sales. Additionally, Consultants who enroll other Consultants may earn bonuses and commissions for mentoring and leading their team members.

Consultants determine when and how much they wish to work. Some spend a few hours a week building their Pure Haven business while others give it full-time focus. Success also depends on personal skill, reach of influence, and other factors. As a result, Consultant income can vary significantly. There is no limit to the amount you may earn.

Once your Consultant application agreement has been accepted, you’ll be sent a confirmation email and your assigned upline Consultant will be informed that you’ve joined their team. You’ll gain access to your back office and receive information about training and special offers available to new Consultants.

You do not have to keep an inventory of products. Sales to Customers and Preferred Customers may be placed directly with Pure Haven and sent directly to them from our shipping facility.

To build first-hand experience with Pure Haven products and share them with others, you may purchase an assortment of products. Our non tox my day product pack is available exclusively during enrollment. Other products, sets, and bundles may be purchased with your 20% discount after enrollment. Pure Haven offers a 60-day money back guarantee on all product purchases.

You must meet a minimum $500 product sales in the six-month period from January-June and July-December in order to be considered an “active” Consultant and keep your product discount.

We understand that situations and personal interests change over time. If you begin feeling that being a Consultant isn’t right for you after you enroll, please share your concerns with the person who sponsored you or your upline Consultant, or contact us at or 401.289.2900.

Our manufacturing facility is in Johnston, Rhode Island.