is your produce as clean as you think?

is your produce as clean as you think?

Many people start their non toxic journey by eating healthier foods, including an increase in fruits and vegetables. But fruits and vegetables can be contaminated with dirt, pesticides, and bacteria, even when those fruits and veggies are “organic,” and not everyone removes those contaminants before eating.

It’s especially important to give your produce a good cleaning these days, during the COVID-19 crisis, when we’re all worried about who’s been handling our foods before us. Are you confident that you’re getting your produce completely clean before serving it to your family?

Make cleaning your produce with non toxic fruit and veggie spray part of your regular food prep routine to ensure your produce is clean enough for you and your loved ones and give your entire family peace of mind.

6 smart produce-cleaning suggestions:

  1. Always wash your organic produce. Organic produce is subject to pesticide drift — when contaminants from a nearby conventional field blow over to the organic field. Additionally, that organic produce has been handled quite a bit before making its way to your kitchen, so it’s always best to wash thoroughly.
  2. Even produce from your garden should be washed. There’s a risk of contaminants in processed soil and manure, and municipal water can contain harmful elements as well.
  3. Just because you’re not planning to eat the skin, peel, or rind on your produce (think cucumber, avocado, cantaloupe, etc.) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash it. Otherwise, you could be transferring dirt or germs on the skin of your fruits and vegetables to the flesh when you cut into or peel them.
  4. Leafy greens tend to have a lot of dirt on them. It’s best to place spinach, romaine, and others in a bowl of cold water with fruit and veggie wash, swish it around to remove the grit, lift out, and drain in a colander. Repeat until completely clean.
  5. Celery, bok choy, head lettuces, and some chicories need extra attention at the base of their stems where dirt tends to gather. Be sure to rub it away while rinsing.
  6. Wash produce before eating or cooking rather than all at once when you bring it home from the grocery store or farmer’s market. Washing prior to storing can cause your produce to spoil sooner.

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