how to keep your home clean and toxin-free all summer long, even with the kids around

Woman cleaning the kitchen

how to keep your home clean and toxin-free all summer long, even with the kids around

This summer, many of us are staying home more and have the kids home with us instead of sending them off to summer camps, public playgrounds, or playdates to occupy their days. All this time at home can result in a lot of big messes pretty quickly, and cleaning with the kids around is sometimes a losing battle.

End the struggle with these easy home cleaning tips:

  • Spend more time outside. It’s summertime, so why not? Plus, more time outside means less time to mess up the inside. Even outdoor meals and snacks will help keep your home clean — no crumbs or spills inside!
  • Make indoor air quality a priority. There are many houseplants that can aid in the removal of pollutants in your home. These include English ivy, peacy lilies, spider plants, rubber trees, ferns, and pothos. (Click here to check out a more comprehensive list of air-purifying plants.)
  • Crack a window. Turn off the air conditioner and open your windows during cooler hours whenever you can. The fresh air will help clear out any unpleasant odors and germs.
  • Diffuse your favorite essential oils. Pure haven’s be well and five defense essential oils are great for freshening the air, defending against everyday stress, and supporting a healthy home.
  • Protect your view. Keep windows and mirrors clean and streak-free with pure haven glass cleaner.
  • Go barefoot. Take off shoes at the door to avoid dirt, sand, and germs being spread throughout the house.
  • Invest in washable rugs for high-traffic areas. Just toss in the washer with a couple of scoops of pure haven laundry detergent for clean, safe walkways.
  • Use a multi-purpose cleaner. No need to keep multiple bottles around when you have a multi-purpose cleaner like pure haven surface cleaner to handle countertops, cabinets, sinks, faucets, and appliances.
  • Keep a spot cleaner on hand for spills and stains. Master blaster is perfect for blasting stains and also helps eliminate odors, freshen fabrics and furniture, and deodorize shoes, sports bags, garbage cans, and more.
  • Get the kids involved. Put them in charge of cleaning up their own messes with safe, non toxic household cleaners. Institute an evening pick-up time for the kids to put away anything left around the house throughout the day. Empower them to be in charge of their own rooms, making their beds and putting dirty clothes in the hamper every day.

Ask your pure haven Consultant for more tips, tricks, and details about our non toxic home products to help you keep your home clean and tidy throughout the summer and all year long!