how certain scents bring back cherished memories

how certain scents bring back cherished memories

Smells are unique in their ability to take people right back to a certain time or place, often to an experience in childhood, evoking connections and a range of moods. How? Well, it could be because childhood is full of smells, tastes, and experiences that are completely brand new, each one making a lasting impression.

There are certain smells that just flood the mind with memories. During the fall and holidays, baking-inspired aromas tend to be most enticing, bringing about a sense of cozy comfort. The warm scent of vanilla is known for its ability to bring about feelings of happiness and relaxation and lessen feelings of negative emotions. The scent of peppermint boosts brain power and concentration, which also means it’s an expert at awakening those fond memories. And when various baking aromas come together to spark a memory of a specific experience, like baking with grandparents or decorating for the holidays, that’s something truly special.

Our holiday collection of almond biscotti and candy cane products are made with safe, non toxic ingredients that results in scents that are all but guaranteed to take you back to a time when life was a whole lot simpler.

When you need a moment of holiday bliss (or a whole season of it!), reminiscent of time spent in the kitchen with someone special, enjoy the delicate, non toxic scents of almond and vanilla in our almond biscotti moisturizing hand soap, body wash, dream cream, body butter, and candle.

Recreate merry memories of holiday tree trimming and make new ones with the help of our safe, sweet-smelling candy cane moisturizing hand soap, body wash, dream cream, sugar body scrub, and candle.

If you’d like to relive those happy childhood memories this fall and holiday season, talk to your pure haven Consultant for details on these products and more today.