give your home a quick refresh in six simple, stink-busting steps

give your home a quick refresh in six simple, stink-busting steps

Even the best laid plans are never a sure thing. Just when you’ve finally got a relaxing night to yourself, you get a call from friends hoping to drop by and you just can’t say no. Your child’s impromptu playdate leaves you entertaining unexpected grownup guests. You coordinate a get-together at the end of a busy day and the time you planned for cleaning up slips away.

No worries. Here’s how to give your home a quick, non toxic refresh in just six simple, stink-busting steps:

  1. Open windows. Even if it’s cold outside, a few minutes of fresh air works wonders.
  2. Deodorize trash and recycling bins. Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil* on cotton balls and drop one into the bottom of each bin.
  3. Wipe down surfaces. Use surface cleaner to quickly clean messes and leave a clean, lemony scent.
  4. Deodorize pet areas. Give the dog bed and litter box a spritz of master blaster to eliminate unwanted odors.
  5. De-stink shoes. Spray your family shoe spot with master blaster to blast away stinky foot odor.
  6. Freshen up furniture. Again, master blaster to the rescue! Straighten up throw pillows and blankets and give furniture a spritz of master blaster. Spot a stain? Spray with master blaster, let sit for a few minutes, and blot away.

Contact your Pure Haven Consultant for more tips and suggestions for non toxic home clean up.

*Essential oils are limited time items, available only while supplies last.