Financial Planning Month: How You Earn with a Pure Haven Essentials Business

The average American family has over $100,000 in debt, with more than $15,000 of that in credit card debt! (Source) With the cost of living rising, it can be hard to keep up. That’s why many Americans look to direct selling to supplement household income, save for things like college and retirement, and manage debt.

At Pure Haven Essentials, we offer a business opportunity that allows our Consultants to earn a generous income while enjoying a flexible schedule. Not only that, our products are safe, affordable, and effective. Rather than offering products that people might not otherwise buy, our products are everyday items that people use, and buy more of, regularly. This means a steady stream of income for our Consultants.

There’s also the satisfaction that comes with knowing you are really helping people through education, and in offering products that are safer than what is found on store shelves.

How You Earn with a Pure Haven Essentials Business Here’s how you earn as a Pure Haven Essentials Consultant.

  • When you become a Pure Haven Consultant, you have the opportunity to offer our products to others at parties and one-on-one appointments. Every time someone purchases a product, you earn between 30% and 50% commission and bonus. The more you sell, the more you earn.
  • Plenty of people need the opportunity to earn extra income, and our Consultants can help by offering the Pure Haven business opportunity to others. When you invite others to join you in this business, you earn a commission on their sales on top of your own, provided you meet your own sales goals. This is your compensation for supporting them in their business.
  • In addition to your sales commissions, you also have the opportunity to earn bonuses, products, and even free vacations! Plus, you receive training, coaching and recognition for your efforts.

Whether your goal is to earn money for groceries, enough cash for the extras, pay down serious debt, or replace your full-time income, a Pure Haven Essentials business can help you reach your financial planning goals.

October is Financial Planning Month, and it’s an excellent time to consider starting your own Pure Haven Essentials business. To get started, connect with your Pure Haven Consultant, or request more information here. There’s no better time to get started than right now.

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