can lawmakers ban the sale of anti-aging products to sephora kids?

There’s a skin care craze happening among kids that involves multi-step routines with products and ingredients that are not intended for their young skin. These skin care obsessed youngsters are referred to as Sephora kids due to their frequenting of the popular makeup and skin care retailer.

Some say kids are simply mimicking their parents and others blame the trendy skin care and makeup tutorials and get-ready-with-me videos viewed on social media. In any case, there’s potential for short-term and long-term damage to children’s skin resulting from the use of harsh chemicals used to manufacture these products. A recent NBC News article reports:

“Experts have warned that some skin care products popularized on social media can irritate young skin. Seven dermatologists told NBC News in February that, for months, pre-teens have been showing up at their offices in droves with red, dry, bumpy and itchy rashes after having used skin care products they don’t need.”

Some lawmakers are attempting to curb the sale of anti-aging products to youngsters. A bill in California proposes a ban on the sale of over-the-counter anti-aging skin care products to kids under 13 years old in an effort to protect the children from the unnecessary harms of harsh ingredients and the impact these chemicals could have on their health. Legislators are calling on the beauty industry to share concrete plans for addressing the issue of children buying anti-aging products. Some suggested measures include placing prominent notices next to anti-aging products in stores and online stating that they are not intended for anyone under 13 and asking the customer to confirm their age at checkout.

The bill passed the Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee but, unfortunately, failed to advance in the State Assembly.

What anti-aging products are safe for kids?

Kids — and their parents! — would do better by sticking to simple skin care routines made with safe, non toxic ingredients. Children who are not even near showing signs of aging can take care of their skin with age-appropriate skin care products that will keep their skin looking young and healthy for the long term. Our top suggestions include:

  • clear up skin care collection: made with innovative, natural ingredients to help smooth and clear your complexion and reduce inflammation and redness; ideal for those with blemished or blemish-prone skin; good for all skin types and all ages
  • refresh skin care collection: made with natural ingredients to help gently soothe and balance your skin and minimize signs of aging; good for all skin types and all ages
  • face sunscreen lotion: a physical sunblock that helps prevent sunburn and protect the delicate skin on your face and neck from premature aging, dark spots, and overall skin damage caused by the sun’s UVA and UVB rays and from the blue light emitted by digital devices; good for all skin types and all ages

Ask your Pure Haven Consultant about our skin care collections and other products formulated with only safe, effective, non toxic ingredients. Your Consultant will likely have valuable suggestions for both you and your child to help you avoid harmful, toxic ingredients.


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