3 ways a water-only skin care routine is hurting your guy

3 ways a water-only skin care routine is hurting your guy

Ladies, you know better than anyone, finding the right skin care regimen can be daunting. You also know it’s well worth the effort! Fortunately, pure haven has you covered with the best non toxic skin care available.

Your next challenge? Getting your guy to adopt a skin care routine! This may be a difficult one, since most men can’t be bothered with following a skin care routine, much less wading through the endless amount of information out there to determine which products are best for them. They’re happy with washing and shaving with water only and being done with it.

The good news? Your own beautiful skin (courtesy of our non toxic skin care products, naturally) is the perfect example to show what’s in store for your guy when he follows suit: a younger and healthier looking complexion.

How’s your guy’s “just plain ol’ water” routine hurting him? Let him know:

  1. Men’s skin needs the same care and attention as women’s skin. A quick swipe with a wet washcloth will do nothing for clogged pores and dry skin. A good face wash used morning and night will clean without stripping skin of the good oils that keep it moisturized.
  2. Shaving with just water? Ouch! That’s rough on his skin and will leave it looking rough over the long term. Shave butter helps keep skin soft and smooth while shaving.
  3. Drinking plenty of water is a must for healthy skin, but a lightweight moisturizer is just as important! Your guy doesn’t want to feel like he’s got heavy schlop on his face all day, so steer him toward a lightweight aftershave & moisturizer that helps replenish moisture and soothe dry skin after shaving.

A little encouragement goes a long way! Once you have him trying out a new routine, be sure to compliment his effort and the difference the new routine is making in his appearance. After all, who doesn’t love receiving compliments?!

To learn more about our men’s skin care products, including limited release items, talk to your pure haven Consultant today.