10 Ways to Be More Optimistic

With so many negative news stories dominating the headlines, we can easily lose focus on all the good in our community and personal lives. The good news? You can begin to bring back the positive with these simple, but powerful, actions to be more optimistic.

  1. Look for something good that comes from something bad.
  2. Feed your mind with podcasts, magazines, lectures, newspapers, and book that are uplifting and motivational.
  3. Make a list of community organizations you can get involved in that bring positive people, with a purpose, together.
  4. Determine where you can make a difference, no matter how small.
  5. Work to do one positive thing for someone else each day.
  6. Spread the love. Don’t burden others with your anger and frustration.  Don’t pollute the Internet with everything you are angry about.  Don’t call others to complain.
  7. Learn to enjoy the simple things.
  8. Keep hope alive by taking small steps in the right direction.
  9. Create a gratitude journal by listing three positive things that happen to you each day.
  10. We can’t all be Martin Luther King or Bono, but there is something we can do to spread a more positive mindset in the world, one action at a time.